Create & assign custom tags to Members

Create and assign custom tags to your members, helping you classify, find, and group your users

  1. Ensure you're logged in as a Manager or Owner, and open the Members table from the left navigation
  2. First, define your tags
    1. On the top navigation pane, click the Manage Portal Tags icon
    2. The first time you access the Manage Tags interface, the first 3 tags contain sample titles to help guide you in naming your tags. You can rename these tags however you'd like.
    3. For each tag you name, click the color icon and pick a custom color for that tag.
    4. You can create 50 custom tags
    5. Click "Save All" to save your tags

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  3. To manage a single user's tags: 
    1. Click the Details icon next to the user whose tags you want to manage
    2. To add or remove tags:
      1. Click the "Assign Tags" dropdown
      2. Uncheck the box next to any tags you want to remove from that user
      3. Click outside the dropdown to close the dropdown; all changes are automatically saved

    3. To quick-remove tags:
      1. Click the "x" on the right side of the tags you want to remove
  4. To assign tags to multiple users:
    1. Check the box next to each user to whom you want to assign tags
    2. Click the Open the Bulk Actions dropdown menu
    3. Select "Assign Tags"
    4. Check the box next to each tag you want assigned to these users.
    5. Note, you can only add tags to users with the Bulk Actions Assign Tags function. You cannot remove tags

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  5. Viewing user Tags
    1. Tags for a user are viewable by clicking the Details "+" icon next that user's name, or by clicking the "Expand All Details" icon in the top menu

    2. You can also quickly remove a user's tags from the Details view by clicking the "X" on a tag

  6. You can filter your Members table to display only members with specific assigned tags by using the search bar in the upper right

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