Add custom tags to Members Table

Create and assign custom tags to your members, helping you classify, find, and group your users

  1. Access Custom Tags on your Members Table.
  2. First, define your tags
    1. On the right navigation pane, click the Manage Tags icon
    2. Edit the text field next to a color circle to create your tag
    3. You can have up to 10 custom tags
    4. Colors cannot be edited, but do plan on allowing custom colors in the future
    5. Click "Save Changes" prior to closing the Manage Tags window
  3. Now, assign tags to your users
    1. Find the Tags column, and click "Assign Tag" next to the user you'd like to assign tags
    2. Only tags which you've defined (in the Manage Tags widow, from step 2 above) will be assignable.
    3. Check the box next to the tag(s) you want to assign to that user
    4. After the system confirms "Saved", close the tags window by clicking on the "x"
    5. A maximum of 2 tags will be visible at any time
      1. If more than 2 tags are assigned, you'll see "+X" next to the 2 tags, indicating how many more tags are hidden
    6. You can remove tags by clicking the "X" on a tag chip, or by clicking the Assign Tags window and unchecking the box next to each tag you want to remove
  4. You can filter your Members table to display only members with specific assigned tags.
    1. Type the name of the tag in the filter window to filter your table.