What is the EcosystemBuilder Tool?

EcosystemBuilder automatically builds a startup's operational ecosystem table, saving founders countless hours and providing in-depth data about competitors, potential acquirers, and potential partners.

  1. To learn why building their ecosystem is a critical step for early-stage founders, take the Build Your Ecosystem course
  2. Access EcosystemBuilder from the Tool Store page, or from the Build Your Ecosystem Course.

                                             Accessing the EcosystemBuilder tool
  3. To use EcosystemBuilder:
    1. Enter the name of a well-established company that's representative of a likely competitor to your startup and product.
      1. We'll search our daily-update database of nearly 2.5 million companies for a match.
      2. If a match is found, click on the company name
      3. Click "Build Ecosystem"
    2. Select the number of companies you'd like to add to your Ecosystem table. You retain access to all companies (and their data) that you pay for.
  4. Your Ecosystem Table: After downloading companies to your table, you can manage them and get important information.
    1. Type - select whether a company is a Competitor, Potential Acquirer, or Potential Partner.
    2. Website - click to open the company's website.
    3. Email - click to open your client email service, pre-addressed to the company's contact email.
    4. Key Employee - get the name and link to the LinkedIn profile of the company's key employee.
    5. Investor - see their most recent investor.
    6. Notes - click to enter notes about the company, like point of contact or details about recent communications.

    7. Continue to update your ecosystem and add new companies as your startup grows, your product refines, and your go-to-market strategy is structured.