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Setup Portal Revenue Sharing

Portal Owners can generate 10% revenue share when users make purchases in their portal. We use Stripe Connect as our payment processor for Revenue Sharing. Here's how to setup your Portal for Revenue Sharing.

  1. First, setup your Stripe Connect account within your portal (*only your portal Owner can setup and edit Stripe Connect): 

    • On your Portal left navigation section, click Settings.
    • On the Portal Settings page, click the button labeled Setup Revenue Sharing.
    • Complete the brief Stripe Connect setup process by entering details about your organization.

  2. Confirm your Stripe Connect setup was successful
    • When complete, you'll be returned to your Portal Settings page.
    • The Stripe Account ID indicates your revenue sharing setup was successful.

  3. You're now ready to generate revenue. Learn how to review your Portal Revenue data and manage payouts here.