Members Table Overview

The Members table allows portal administrators (Managers and the portal Owner) to manage and gain valuable insight on their portal’s members. This article outlines the primary Members table functions.

The Members table allows portal administrators (Managers and the portal Owner) to manage and gain valuable insight on their portal’s members, including:

This article shows the general layout of the Members Table

  1. To access your Members Table, click on the Members navigation item on the left navigation pane

  2. To hide or show columns on your Member’s Table, click the icon in the upper right corner of the table.
    1. Check the box next to the columns you want displayed, and uncheck the box next to columns you want hidden.

  3. Re-order columns - to reorder columns, simply drag and drop a column to where you want it displayed

  4. Customer Date Display Format - you can choose which date format you'd like for your table using the Choose Date Format icon. Choose between:
    1. Day/Month/Year
    2. Month/Day/Year
    3. Year/Month/Day

  5. Search, Filter, & Sort - there are three ways to refine your table to show only the members you want to see, or to reorder how your members are displayed
    1. Search window
      1. Use the search window in the upper right corner of your table to search your table by Tags, Username, Email, Company Name, Industry, or any other data about a member that displays on the table.

    2. Pre-built filters
      1. Click the Filter icon (top right) to display the pre-built filters.
      2. Use the pre-built filters to filter by Role, Company Profile status, Assigned Mentor or Assigned Investor. 

        CleanShot 2023-12-16 at 16.13.47
    1. Sorting
      1. All columns are sortable. Sort criteria is alphabetical or numeric. The Company Profile column is sorted by the completion percentage of your members' Company Profiles.

  1. Table Functions - Individual and Bulk
    1. Individual Actions - interact with a single member by using the left Icon stack of a member's row. 
      1. Send a Message - click the Message icon to open the Messaging app with a new message pre-addressed to that user.
      2. Details area - expand the user's row with the Details icon to reveal multiple actions for that member
        1. Manage User Tags
        2. Assign Mentors
        3. Assign Investors
        4. Edit Roles
        5. Academy Progress
        6. Remove Member

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    1. Bulk Actions - interact with multiple or all members of your portal by using the Bulk Actions dropdown menu in the upper left of your portal.

      1. Important - you must select at least one member by checking the box in their row.

      2. To choose all members currently displayed on your table, click the checkbox in the column header row