Portal Analytics

Portal admins can gain insights about their users' engagement & revenue generation on their Portal Analytics page.

  1. Navigate to Portal → Analytics from your left navigation pane (only users with Manager or Owner role can access the Portal Analytics page).
  2. Navigate within your Analytics page using the 3 buttons at the top of the Analytics page
  3. Academy Insights
    1. Top Section: Courses Started, Completed, & Completion %
      1. This shows aggregate data across all courses on your portal.
        1. Courses Started: total number of courses that have been started, but not completed, on your portal.
        2. Courses Completed: total number of courses completed across all courses on your portal.
        3. Completion %: This is the completion percentage of all courses that were started on your portal (Courses Completed divided by Courses Started).

    2. Bottom Section: By-course data
      1. This section shows Started, Completed, & Completion % for each course. You can also see the average Rating given by your users for each course.

  4. Engagement Insights
    1. All Users: shows the current aggregate total users on your portal with a further breakdown by role and the total percentage of users by role.
      1. Note: because a single user can hold more than one role, the sum of users by role, and user percentage by role may exceed the total user count.
    2. New Users: shows newly added users (total and by role) for the selected month.
      1. Note: if the current month is selected, data is current for the previous day. Because a single user can hold more than one role, the sum of users by role, and user percentage by role may exceed the total user count.

    3. Active Sessions: shows how many users, by role, took any action on your portal. This is currently limited to aggregate total. Coming soon:  select Active Sessions by month.
    4. Other: shows other aggregate portal engagement data 
      1. Messages: how many total messages have been sent on your portal
      2. Pending Invites: how many users who were added by admins to the Members Table have not completed their account creation
      3. Company Profile Shares: how many times your users have shared their Company Profile by using the Share Profile function on their Company Profile page
      4. User Growth Rates: shows 1, 3, and 6 month user growth rate, in percentage.
      5. Code Usage:  shows how many times any referral code had been used during the sign-up process.

  5. Portal Revenue: shows your monthly revenue share, by product. Click the links to learn more about how to setup your revenue sharing profile, and using the Portal Revenue analytics page